Create and update one of Our Pages GB Websites yourself whenever you want to.
No Payment required for 24 hours whilst you Test-Drive OurPages Editable Website Creation Templates.
1. Choose a memorable name for your web site address from the 350 listed on pages 12-45 of this online booklet then instantly create your new website online.
2. Use Edit Mode to make changes or add or delete pages.
3. Make further changes as and when necessary as you evaluate OurPages Editable Web Site Creation Templates during YOUR 7 days' trial period.

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Make as many changes to your Website as you want, whenever you want, at no extra charge.


Our Pages Ltd's service is user friendly. Select a style (a distinctive appearance, design or arrangement) for your website from the templates we provide. You can at anytime instantly change the way your site is displayed by choosing a different style via your Administration Controls. Simply edit, add or remove pages to personalise YOUR Web Site.


You can update the content of your website by going to your Administration Controls. After making changes, they will be immediately visible on the Net. Then use the Backup Button to save the latest version of your website off-line.


At a future date you will be notified on how to exchange information with selected friends by receiving or sending phone blogs (web-logs) directly to YOUR blogging pages from mobile phones or computers.


Our memorable domain names make it easy for anyone to remember your website address. You can password protect specific blogging pages, should you so desire.